James Bond golfer hopes to raise junior programme funds

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Chance to purchase rare 'G60 LFR' registration plate

A Kettering golfer who drives James Bond’s car is putting his golf-themed registration plate up for sale, in support of his local junior section.

Christopher Brigstock, 56, has been a member of Kettering for over 40 years, and among his classic car collection has an Astin Martin DB5, as driven by Sean Connery in James Bond.

Brigstock has decided to sell his registration plate, which reads ‘G60 LFR’, in order to fund a junior programme at his club.

He said: “”I am a keen golfer and classic car fan so I purchased the golfing number plate a few years ago. I have another sport-related registration number and so have decided to sell this one to raise funds for the club.”

Brigstock hopes to raise around £2,000 for a club junior golf programme.

If you are interested in purchasing the registration, which is on retention for immediate transfer, call 07952887444.

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