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We've dubbed Bubba Ant-Man after his close encounter at the US PGA, but what other golfing superheroes are there?

Did you hear about how ants ruined Bubba Watson’s US PGA challenge?

Good ol’ Bubba had a falling out with a rules official when he was refused free relief from an ants’ nest.

The two-times Masters winner even cried ‘Ow it bit me’ after a close encounter with one of the fire ants.

It sounds like the start of a superhero story, so we’ve dubbed him ‘Ant-Man’.

And it got us to thinking, what other Tour players could be secret superheroes?

‘Ow it bit me’ – Peter Parker and/or Bubba Watson


Like Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent, Brendan tries to keep a low profile, and has won just one PGA Tour title. But in his spare time, he becomes the Man of Steele.


The Swede was nicknamed the Iceman by TV commentator Robert Lee thanks to his nerves of steel when putting, and his ability to keep his emotions firmly in check…


Ryder Cup captain Love III will become just the eighth American to lead Team America at multiple events when he guides the team out at Hazeltine next year, rightfully earning him the name Captain America.


By virtue of his name, the PGA Tour’s Mr 54 holes becomes Nick Fury, leader of the Avengers. If only Nick Fury had a sidekick as reliable and iconic as Furyk’s caddie, Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan.


The Australian holds the distinction of hitting fairway bunkers on average more than any other player. In 45 rounds on the PGA Tour he’s found 39 fairway bunkers, making Scott the king of the sand.

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