The dreaded shank. It happens to a lot of players – just ask Ian Poulter, and we’ve got just the fix.

Generally a shank is caused by the club coming back to the ball from a further position than when the swing started.

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As many will know this can be a devastating in your golf and kill your confidence.

It could come from standing too close to the ball.

Or it could be that our arms are coming back to the ball from further away.

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We can check the start position of our set-up for reference and see if this corrects our wild miss-hits.

Our simple fix from American Golf’s Ricky Gray provides a simple way to fix the issue with just a couple of tees.

Placing a tee under each arm prevents the arms from disconnecting and means that you retain regularity in your swing.

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This drill will cure you of your shanks in no time.