I’ve not played as much golf as I’d have liked over the past few weeks but have still managed to keep myself ticking over.

I handed in some scorecards at Moor Allerton and have been allocated a new official handicap of 17.2.

I’d been happy playing off 18 for the past couple of months so the new handicap seems about right to me.

I was playing off 23 before I started lessons with Scott Oxley at J Whitaker Golf last October so am pleased with my progress.

How to lower your handicap in 10 weeks: A re-cap

Hopefully in my lessons now with Scott I can focus on improving my scoring rather than focussing too much on technique.

I still have a tendency to rock forwards on my down swing but I feel well aware of what causes my bad shots so can continue to work on this in my practice.

So how can I score better? Well not hitting the ball in the bunker so often would be a good start but being in bunkers are an inevitability so I need to add some variation to my bunker play.

How to hit fairway woods and hybrids

When I played last week I was faced with a 60 yard bunker shot. I didn’t really have a clue on what club to use, how hard to hit it or how much sand to take away.

I opted for a pitching wedge with half a swing and hoped for the best. It went about 20 yards.

When playing golf, it is important to commit to what you are doing and the only way you can do that is by knowing exactly what you should be doing.

How to beat the bogey holes on your course

So I went to see Scott to learn a bit more about how to play all the different types of bunker shots you are faced with during a round.

Click on the video to see how I got on…

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