I’m fairly happy with how I have been playing recently. Driving the ball quite well and not throwing away too many through poor tee shots.

When trying to think about where I am now losing the most shots, inevitably, it is from 100 yards and in.

How to lower your handicap in 10 weeks: A re-cap

That’s what I’ve always heard people say and I can understand why as that is where mid-high handicappers play most of their shots from.

However, it has not been an area which has caused me too much trouble mentally as I have been a bit more obsessed with getting my long game sorted.


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How to hit fairway woods and hybrids

When playing at New Zealand Golf Club in Surrey last week, I hit one really nice drive straight down the middle of the fairway and had 80 yards to the flag. I somehow ended up making a six.

It was very windy so didn’t want to play a high shot and opted for a pitching wedge which I was going to hit with about half a swing.

I probably swing it closer to three quarters, quit on it and ended up fatting it about 30 yards. Chipped on then three putted.

Yes I know the putting is an issue but let’s deal with the approach first.

How to play better bunker shots

I’ve never really practiced hitting any clubs with anything less than a full swing but I think it will be possible to improve my scores by adding a bit of variation.

When playing with better players I’m always impressed and intrigued by the way they can hit 9 or 8 irons with a lower trajectory but can still get them to stop on the green with a bit of spin.

Sometimes the weather conditions or the type of course requires a bit of variation with the shorter clubs in the bag.

How much do I need to swing my pitching wedge to hit it 60, 70 or 80 yards?

What’s the best technique for this type of shot?

I’m sure Scott Oxley has the answers so we headed to the driving range at Moor Allerton to figure it out.

Click on the video above to watch the lesson.