The PGA's roster of pro golfers are offering expert advice on how to work on your game with out leaving your house

With the help of its members the PGA has been compiling a variety of home golf drills and exercises so you can work on your game during the lockdown and these difficult times.

From chipping drills to controlling your clubface through impact, PGA pros from around the world have come together to help you through this difficult time.

Keep the game at the forefront of your mind and get your golfing fix by practice in the comfort of your own home.

We take a look at some of the best drills from the PGA’s members from around the world.

Home golf drills: How to control the clubface

With the help of a table tennis bat, Katie Rule shows how to keep your clubface in control through impact and help improve your dispersion.

Home golf drills: How the body moves during the golf swing

One of the main problems for club golfers is understanding how the body moves during the swing. With the help of Steve Buzza, improve your knowledge of how the body moves during the swing transition.

Home golf drills: How to teach your kids golf at home

Are you struggling to keep your children entertained during the lockdown and also want to get them into golf? Michael Patterson has created some fun drills to help your children have some fun while learning the game.

Home golf drills: Improve your chipping

Everyone struggles with keeping their short game sharp during a period away from the game. These tips from Chris Bonner will help prevent you from duffing your chips when you return to the course after lockdown.

Home golf drills: Improve your golf fitness

It can be particularly difficult to keep yourself fit when you are stuck inside your home. These five minute tips from Matt Leach and Ali T from Fit&Flexi will help you stay physically and mentally sharp.