Are you a drawer of the golf ball and struggle to hit that fade when you really need it.

Well Altrincham teaching professional and former European Access Series player Holly Calvert headed down to the Shack to show us exactly how to do it.

Asked what works for her when hitting a fade, Holly replied;

For me, what I feel works anyway is that I slightly open my stance left of target. Make it a little more from the front, push my weight to the left side and open the face ever so slightly.

I just sort of feel as my right foot is in front of me I’m getting a little bit more out to in on it.

The Pro wanted to know whether or not Holly lost a little bit of distance when executing this shot..

Definitely, I probably lose about 5-7 yards, so if I needed to hit a fade on a par 3 I’d more than likely go up a club to make sure I get there.

So after watching Holly hit some fade shots, the Pro sat her back down and asked her for her three key points all players should look to adopt in order to successfully hit a fade;

  • Open the stance
  • Open the club face
  • Hit the golf ball at 2 o’clock

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