We’ve seen Holly show us how to hit a draw and a fade in recent weeks.

This week she is back at The shack to show us how to get a bit of height on your shots.

The Pro explains that you may need to hit a high shot into a par 3 or par 4, and asks Holly if it’s a shot she hits often..

It’s not a shot that I play very often to be honest. If I was going to play it, I’d probably take a lot more weight off my front foot and take advantage of the loft of the club a little more.

Holly demonstrates her normal shot and then shows the Pro how she changes her stance to hit it high..

We can see the ball flight is a little bit higher there, you’ve added a little bit of loft as you’ve gone through. I like that, really straight and very good.

After the shot Holly and the Pro sat back down to discuss the key points when hitting a high ball..

  • Move the ball forward
  • Take advantage of the loft of the club
  • Swing through hard with acceleration

The Shack

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