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Holly is back in the Shack to show us how to hit a cut up shot..

We’ve seen Holly Calvert show us how to hit a few different shot types over the recent weeks. This week she is back at The Shack with our resident pro James Whitaker to show us how to hit a cut up shot..

Normally for me, with this shot I see it as a soft landing shot. So if I was going over a bunker and I’d be looking to stop the ball pretty quickly.

What I normally do is set my feet ever so slightly open left of the target, open the club face a little and put my weight ever so slightly forward.

Depending on what distance you want I think it’s always good to make and commit to a full swing.

The pair sit down afterwards to discuss the three main points that Holly would recommend when attempting the cut up shot:

1. Open the stance left of target

2. Open the club face

3. Don’t decelerate through the ball

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