Would you prefer a hole-in-one or an albatross?

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They are two of the finest achievements in golf – but which would you rather have on your golfing CV? The Niggle team discuss

Dan Murphy: Speaking as someone…

Alex Perry: Here we go…

Dan Murphy: Speaking as someone who has managed a hole-in-one, an albatross, and a hole-in-one and an albatross with the same shot, I can answer this conclusively.

It’s an albatross – much rarer and therefore more special. A hole-in-one is amazing but you think you might get another one. An albatross feels like a once-in-a lifetime thing.



Alex Perry: Speaking as someone…

Dan Murphy: Here we go…

Alex Perry: Speaking as someone who has had two holes-in-one, I’ll go for an albatross, too. As you say, not only is it more rare, it’s better for your scorecard.

You could ask a hundred golfers how many of each they’ve had, and I reckon half would say they’ve had an ace and none would say they’ve had an albatross.

I wonder if I would feel differently if I hadn’t already had a hole-in-one…

Mark Townsend: Should anyone know Royal Wimbledon then, back in ’87, I hit two Ben Hogan Apex 5-woods to the short par-5 7th. Four inches short from an albatross. They should have erected a plaque where the approach was dispatched from. Every time I have a chance of reaching a par 5 I think of that shot and then invariably tug it a bit left.

Tom Lenton: A hole-in-one for me, because I’ve haven’t had a proper one yet. A lot of people could say albatross though because they can’t actually reach the green in two…

James Savage: You say proper one like you’ve been cheated out of it. You were three off the tee so it was a par.

Christian Maiden: Easy. Hole-in-one. I’ve never been asked if I’ve ever had an albatross? And albatrosses are all flukes – you’re not aiming for the hole but the green, whereas when you shoot an ace you were actually aiming for the hole.

Alex Perry: Were you?

James Savage: I’m with Christian. When do you get asked about getting an albatross? Every time I stand on the tee box on a par 3 it goes through my head that this could be the one.

It must be like willing your football team to score from a corner in the last minute. The keeper comes up and heads it into the top corner – I know that feeling and it’s brilliant.

I’d never normally expect to reach a par 5 in two so would never be thinking about trying to get an albatross.
There’s a chance – albeit very slim – of a hole-in-one on every par 3. I want to get one so I can stop trying, and thinking about it, and so I can tell you all about it.

Craig Middleton: I think I’d prefer and albatross. A hole-in-one is always possible given it’s just one shot. An albatross you need to hit a cracking drive, and an inch perfect second. I feel I’d have more chance of making a hole-in-one than an albatross. If that makes sense.

Dan Murphy: Although I’ve now had two of them. But let’s not get into that again…

James Broadhurst: Seeing as I’ve never had either I would go for a hole-in-one. Just to get off the mark and I could do the hole bragging thing about where I got it.

However, I think an albatross would be more satisfying personally. I’ll get back to you when I have marked them both off the to do list…

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