Top 10: The best shots ever played by celebrity golfers

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As the Alfred Dunhill Links draws to a close, we ask what was the greatest celebrity golf shot ever?

The Alfred Dunhill Links once again saw a whole host of celebrities point their private jets in the direction of Fife in order to take part in the annual Celebrity Pro-Am.

While the pros were doing their thing – Walker Cup heroes Jimmy Mullen and Paul Dunne both made headlines in their first professional starts – the celebrities had a good go at reminding us how they’re not only spectacularly good-looking, successful and rich, but also that they’ve got game when it comes to golf.
Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan proved he’s not just a demon in the bedroom, but also out on the course, holing a 30ft chip to eagle the 18th on St Andrews’ Old Course with a shot most professionals can only dream of.

‘I need a driver from here’ We thought we’d take a look at the top 10 celebrity golf shots over the years – and unsurprisingly it’s the Dunhill Links that provides a large number of them.

The winner is an absolute belter, but first, here are the runners-up…
10. Hugh Grant



Starting at the Dunhill Links, and Notting Hill star Hugh Grant showed how it should have perhaps been Fore! Weddings and a Funeral with a spectacular 100-yard wedge from the deep rough that rolled three-inches past the hole before coming to rest just four feet away.
Talking on the David Letterman show, Grant explained how his golf Love has Actually taken over his life.
9. Michael Jordan


Measuring at 6ft 5in tall, His Airness is one of the most visible celebrity golfers around, and the former Chicago Bulls legend has proved more than adept with a golf club in his hand, as this 55ft chip shot proves.
Jordan holed the shot during the Pro-Am event he hosts at Shadow Creek in Las Vegas during 2014, and with luck like that, you imagine he went and tried his hand in the casinos soon after.
8. Bode Miller

At a celebrity golf event at Edgewood in Tahoe, US Alpine skier Bode Miller found himself on the 9th hole with an incredibly difficult lie – deep within a wooded area. Opting not to take an unplayable, Miller chips the ball out of the rough and towards the flag.

It’s a great escape from the Olympic and World Championship golf medallist.

7. Shane Warne

This image shows legendary Australian bowler Shane Warne moments after hitting his tee shot on the 11th at St Andrews.

When the wind blows, the par is a formidable challenge. But it proved no match for the cricketer, who defied the cold and windy conditions to hit his tee shot to within eight feet and proved it wasn’t only in cricket that he could get a little spin on the ball.
6. Bill Murray


It’s one thing to hit a great golf shot, but it’s another to entertain the crowd with a joke, and then hit a great strike. At the AT&T Pebble Beach this year, the Caddyshack actor shared a spot of banter with the crowd, before rolling his wedge shot two inches past the pin.

Now that’s a man at ease on the golf course.
5. Jonathan Edwards


For the man who set world records with his hop, skip and jump it’s fitting that Jonathan Edwards gets his name on this list with a great bump and run at the Dunhill Links from 150 yards on the Road Hole.

The ball bounces, bobbles and skips, before coming to rest just five feet from the pin. Not a bad shot considering Edwards himself leapt higher during his world record jump than the ball seems to go, proving it’s not how you score, but what you score.

4. Tim Henman

Staying at the Road Hole, which has been the scene of some spectacular shots during the celebrity Dunhill Links event, and tennis great Tim Henman plays his approach shot perfectly. Henman is known as a phenomenally good golfer, and plays off +1 so few people were surprised when he hit his approach at the Road Hole.

Striking to the front right of the green, he shaped the shot perfectly and it turned towards the hole, coming to rest just four feet away.
3. Jamie Dornan


The actor who hails from the same hometown as Rory McIlroy has been turning heads as Mr Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, but at the Dunhill Links this month he also turned heads with his golfing ability, holing out for eagle from off the green on the 18th at St Andrews.
Say what you like about this boy, but he sure knows how to perform under pressure.
2. Terry Wogan

For many years Sir Terry’s putt at Gleneagles was considered the longest successful putt ever televised. His 1981 effort, filmed for the BBC’s Pro-Celebrity golf show, was 33-yards long and has since become legend.

Wogan joked “I need a driver from here”, but sank what host Peter Alliss described as the greatest putt he had ever seen in his life.
And it was the longest seen on television, until the 2012 Alfred Dunhill Links…
1. Michael Phelps


With 18 golds, two bronze and two silver medals, swimmer Michael Phelps is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history. Playing off 26, he’s getting to grips with golf, but showed a glimpse that he might be taking to the sport like a Phelps to water with a 159ft (53 yard) putt that nestled into the hole on the par 4 6th.

At just shy of 160ft, the putt is almost exactly the same length as an Olympic-sized swimming pool, while his nett stroke also gave him a ’1’ for the hole.


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