Who would be the hardest golfers in history in terms of the entirely hypothetical scenario of them ending up in a fight? We've picked out 10 we wouldn't mess with

Hello fellow golf nerd enthusiast – I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist clicking on my list of the hardest golfers I can think of. As in, the ones you would least like to get into a fight with. We all love a list at the best of times, don’t we? Right now is anything but – so I thought it would be reassuring to fall back on the kind of thing that used to fill our joyously mundane lives: namely arguing the toss over hypothetical sporting comparisons.

As a game for ladies and gentlemen, perish the thought that golf could ever turn violent. But, given due provocation, I don’t think any of us would want to see any of the following coming at us.

Let’s start at No 10 with…

My hardest golfers: No 10 – Corey Pavin

Hardest golfers

Not all fights are won by the biggest and strongest – sometimes qualities like cunning, tenacity and snarling front can be even more valuable.

Pavin was a simply obnoxious – in the sense of being the very last man on the USA team the Europeans wanted to be up against – Ryder Cup opponent in the 1990s. This was typified by his chip-in at the 18th at Oak Hill to deny Nick Faldo and Bernhard Langer a half in the Saturday fourballs in 1995.

He also got a little carried away at Kiawah Island four years earlier, briefly confusing sport with war. But that’s another story.

Curiously, he was understated as Ryder Cup captain at Celtic Manor in 2010.