Who doesn’t love Happy Gilmore – the hilarious tale of a rejected ice hockey player who takes his talent to the golf course in a bid to save his beloved grandmother’s house?

Before we go on, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane…

Now, golfers have the chance to enter a competition in which they will play like the Adam Sandler-created antihero thanks to Bonnyton club pro Kendal McWade, with the first ever Happy G Pro’s Challenge taking place at Wycombe Heights Golf Club, Buckinghamshire, on March 30.

The rules of the competition, which will be 18 holes of strokeplay, are simple: every shot, apart from when putting, must involve a two-step run-up and the back swing must have started before the lead foot is planted. The ball must also be struck as hard as possible.

Then, when on the greens, a split-handed hockey style grip must be used at all times. Awesome, right?

“It’s a crazy idea,” McWade admits, “but I just thought – why not?

“It’s something that I have always wanted to do because Happy Gilmore was such a fantastic film.

“The final push came when I was watching my regional squad players winding down after a coaching session recently. They were all trying Happy Gilmore shots – taking two steps then whacking it.

“They were having a great time, and I thought to myself it would be fun to organise a full blown professional event – just like the one in the movie.”

Players are even being encouraged to wear hockey shirts over the 18-hole competition.

“The whole day is just a bit of fun, so if pros want to dress the part as well, complete with an ice hockey shirt, that would make it better still.”

McWade says there will be a prize for the winner. Here’s hoping it’s a gold jacket like the real Happy…