In my first blog I found out all about the custom fit process and how it could benefit a hacker like me.

Now, it was time to get out on course to see if having clubs refined for my own game really could make that much of a difference – so, I decided to head north with two NCG colleagues armed with my brand new Callaway sticks.

And where better to try my new gear than the golfing paradise of Fife?

Playing off 21 it is of course unrealistic to just expect my game to dramatically improve by just using new clubs. As I alluded to previously it certainly plays a huge part in giving you the confidence in your equipment.

Confidence in golf is a huge thing and knowing that you have the right gear for your game certainly makes it easier. So, we set off on the mammoth task of playing Monifieth, Scotscraig, both Crail courses, Ladybank and both Archfield courses.

The first course we visited was the home of Tom Watson’s famous first links experience.

Monfieth is just a short hop over the Tay Bridge into Angus and this felt like the perfect opportunity to get going. Although, the weather didn’t comply early on it didn’t dampen my mood as I crashed my opening drive straight down the fairway.

With a slight nod to the railway on the right I was off.

Over the next three days there would be a mix of golf on offer but that was to be expected.

Small improvements

One of the biggest initial improvements I noticed straight away was the dispersion with my driver had narrowed somewhat. My miss was always right, and right big time.

A previous issue that no matter what driver I used was the height in which I was hitting – having changed lofts on more than one occasion I couldn’t find a cure. It was something that we worked on my fitting session and it was genuinely impressive to see it at work.

The trajectory was visibly lower which also meant I was adding some distance off the tee.

But, at least for now, the Epic seems to firing on all cylinders although admittedly driving is a big strong point of my game.

My irons, probably the biggest weakness, were the biggest area of concern for me. Previously even when I felt like I was making solid strikes the consistency just wasn’t there.

Being a high handicap I don’t think consistency, in terms of ball striking, is a realistic aim for my game because I am just not good enough.

But, the aim with the irons, and this was a big thing discussed during my fitting, was that when my strike wasn’t quite there how forgiving they could be.

The jury is still out.

I feel like I have made progress and there is absolutely no doubt that my iron play has benefitted from the fitting but the consistency in my strike will always be an issue that I will need to work on myself.

The Steelhead XR’s give me what I need to take that next step in improving my iron play and I feel that is important for making progress with my own game.

Going low

During our trip we played seven courses over three days (126 holes), travelled 653 miles, walked 45 miles and I picked up three blisters.

But, it was all worth it for probably the best round I have played and may ever play.

On the Saturday of the trip we headed to Crail to take on the Craighead and Balcomie courses. After battling the wind, rain and knee high rough on the Craighead in the morning I carded my worst score of the trip (99).

Dejected but with a full stomach after lunch I headed to the first on the Balcomie.

What was to come over the next four hours was something I’ll probably never experience again. I was in complete control of my golf game carding an 86, 6-under my handicap, and event notched a rare birdie on the par-4 15th.

None of that would’ve been possible without my new set-up catered for my game.

Battling the elements

Now, during a trip to Scotland you can always expect a battle with the weather – even in summer. But, check out the elements be faced at Monifieth…

Followed by Ladybank…

Next blog

In my next blog I will discuss playing in my first official competition, captain’s day at Moor Allerton and how I am settling in with my clubs playing on a regular week-to-week basis.

Whatever your handicap, we’d love to hear about how being custom fit was of benefit to your game. You can contact us on Twitter and Facebook.