When you see your ball going screaming through the back of the green from just 10 yards away the chances are your right hand has become too dominant, which is easy to do given that you are probably right handed.

For me chipping is left-hand orientated so a great drill to practise is to hit some chips with just your left hand. Grip the club as normal, at the top of the shaft, to help create some needed fluidity in the movement.

We want the sensation of the shaft leaning forward and the left wrist staying flat as you strike the ball – what we don’t want is the bottom of the club meeting the ball – and this will help with that.


It is hard to pick up at first but stick with it. You might find it tricky to take the club away so have a bit of a forward press to get the move going and, after time, it should improve your swing radius.

Same back, same through.
As with all chips swing the club left and keep your chest turning over. And you should appreciate better what both sides of your body do throughout the chipping stroke.



Gregory is a three-time winner on the European Tour and was second at the 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach.
Twitter: @GregHavret