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A digital app to help master your physical game

4 There are a wealth of golf gadgets and apps available for your smartphone today.

Most claim to ˜change your game’, with many requiring expensive additions like motion sensors and tracking aids.

GreenZone Golf bucks this trend.

A free application with optional monthly subscriptions (starting at just £3 a month the price of a cup of coffee!) you have the choice whether you want the added features or just the standard experience.

So no need to master fiddly and confusing (and did we mention very very expensive) equipment that just slows you down.

Let’s talk about what this app actually does, essentially this is a practice aid that uses your smartphone camera and gives you customised targets to ˜aim at’ when hitting down range.



Six targets A,B,C and 1,2,3. Take aim, hit your shot. Done.

It is literally that simple to use.

A shootout mode is perfect for when you’re at the range with friends. Adding to the competitive nature of a range session, we will definitely be trying this throughout our summer office shootouts.

Without too much technical speak, GreenZone creates a digital ˜blanket’ that will help you visualise every shot you take.

By setting up your phone, GreenZone records you all the statistical information that you could want such as:

  • Launch, land and shaping accuracies
  • Ball flight
  • Aim execution
  • Timelines of all your progress while using the app
  • Percentages of club shot execution

GreenZone Golf offers a digital interface to learn, manage and improve your game. With consistent use, you will gain a deeper understanding of your game and are sure to improve your scoring.

What we liked:

  • The cost I mean who doesn’t like free stuff? The subscriptions are also great value for those looking for an even more enhanced experience.
  •  Ease of use it’s actually a joke how easy GreenZone is to use.
  • Your GreenZone website sometimes it’s annoying to use a small phone screen to see all your stats. Being able to access all recorded stats on the web was a nice little addition that we didn’t expect.

What we didn’t like:

  • Not being able to log multiple users into device when using the shootout mode it would have been nice to be able to log other GreenZone users stats.
  • No landscape mode or at least we couldn’t find this mode!
  • No Android app – strictly an iOS app for now…

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for a fun way to improve your game and enhance your shot control/shaping, then this is one of the better golfing apps out there.

For FREE this is more than worth a try whilst at the range.

Give it a go and you’ll be more than pleasantly surprised.

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