Review: Golfstream Vision electric trolley

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A very solid, reliable piece of kit that gets the job done as well as anything else on the market, writes equipment editor James Savage

Golfstream Vision review: Getting started

One of our bug bears with all electric trolleys is the sheer amount of cardboard and polystyrene that seems to come with them and the Vision is no exception.

It really couldn’t be easier to assemble the Vision and get it ready for action.

Golfstream electric golf trolley

It’s folded size is still a bit on the large side but it’s no bigger or heavier than other non-compact models on the market.

Golfstream electric golf trolley

The folded footprint is quite large but it does fold down quite flat to sit nicely underneath or on top of your golf bag in the boot.

Golfstream Vision review: On the course

Again, there is a no nonsense feel to the Vision. You can get it assembled and ready to go in seconds.

The straps at the top and bottom keep your bag nice and secure whether it’s a cart or a standbag.

Golfstream vision review

The screen does exactly what it says it is going to do – it’s clear, simple and looks very smart.

We like the automatic distance control feature where you can send the trolley 10, 15, 20 yards ahead and get it to stop.

Golfstream vision review

I did panic that the trolley wasn’t going to stop but you gain more confidence with each successful operation.

The Vision feels very sturdy but at the same time it runs very nice and smoothly around the course.

I found it very easy to get the right speed with 0.5 increments on the speed dial.

Golfstream Vision review: NCG verdict

Golfstream vision review

We think this trolley is more than a match for other models at the same price point.

Don’t expect to be blown away but you can expect a very solid, reliable piece of kit that gets the job done as well as anything else on the market.

The anti-glare screen is a nice bonus and adds a premium feel.

Golfstream vision review

With an impressive two-year parts and labour guarantee and a three-year warranty on the battery it’s clear Golfstream have the utmost confidence in this product.

We’re confident it isn’t going to let us or anyone else down out on the course.

SRP: £449 (£299 without battery)

More information can be found on the Golfstream website.

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