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The latest offering from British trolley manufacturers Golfstream...

FIRST came Revolution. Now comes Evolution – the second ultra-reliable and 100% British made trolley from Golfstream, Europe’s leading electric golf trolley and spares company.

The Evolution Digital is a sturdy one-fold trolley, which easily unfolds and can hold any golf bag firmly in place using adjustable stays situated on the central spine and the base of the trolley.

It also boasts the same 200 watt motor used by its ‘big brother’ to power a lightweight, oval aluminium frame that is complimented by a styled soft grip T-bar handle. The handle offers left and right handed use through the simple to use digital controller.

Golfstream pride themselves on the outstanding performance and reliability of its electronics, which have been developed and made in Kent by Electromech, one of the UK’s leading golf component manufacturers.

A one touch power control dial and a bright twin digit digital display shows speed settings from 0.5 up to 9.5, while simple-to-use controls can send the trolley forward on its own for 10, 20 or 30 meters.

The Golfstream Evolution Digital also comes complete with an optional security code which lets the user set a private security number, allowing only their use of the trolley; while an automatic power save feature turns the power off if it sits idle for more than three minutes.


The specification of the Evolution is very high, with the frame, motor, gearbox, clutches, wheels, handle, electronics & wheels all made in Britain. The Evolution Digital weighs in at only 11kg with its Lithium battery and is available in black or white and comes with a two year guarantee. The 18 hole acid battery option retails at £349, while the 27 hole lithium option is £499.

Launchingthe Evolution Digital, Golfstream Managing Director, Derek Richford, said: “The specification of the Evolution is very high, with the frame, motor, gearbox, clutches, wheels, handle, electronics and wheels all made in Britain.

“This gives us the edge over some other very big trolley names when it comes to reliability and, if the need arises, servicing, repairs and spares. Performance and reliability were absolutely at the forefront of our plans when we decidedto launch a second trolley to sit alongside the Revolution, and we’re delighted with the Evolution.”

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