Golfing stereotypes – No 3: Mr Late Comment

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You have found the par 5 in two and have 15 feet for an unlikely eagle, possibly your only eagle putt of the year. You are therefore well aware of the situation in front of you and have been from the moment that you hit your approach.

You have also not played a shot for well over five minutes, watching your playing partners make a mess of the same hole.

It’s your turn, you’ve had a look at the putt from every angle and your mind is dizzy with the prospect of marking down five points (you might even circle it) on the card.

At least five swing thoughts are running randomly through your head and you finally put the putter head behind the ball.

And then he pipes up: “Come on then, knock it in.”

So your final moments before putting bat on ball is wondering exactly what he means by this?

Why would I not want to ‘knock it in’? Why does he always feel the need, wherever you are on the course, to pass comment? Why has he got involved at all? Why do I keep playing with him?

You miss, and he astutely observes that you misread it. 

On to the next tee and a new challenge.

“You’ve got a shot here…”

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