How does the GolfBuddy Laser 2S measure up? Read on to find out

Golf distance measuring devices (or DMDs) were first used in 1995 with the introduction of laser technology. GPS devices arrived about five years later. And nowadays it seems that just about every golfer has one or both of these devices.

My DMD of choice has always been a laser. My first one was about the size of a brick but did a decent job. My gamer until now has been an ergonomically comfortable device which has served me well for several years. An internet search revealed that my current model has just celebrated its 10th birthday so it’s time to see what advantages an upto date laser can offer. Enter the GolfBuddy Laser 2S.

GolfBuddy Laser 2S rangefinder review: NCG Summary

4.5 star review

The GolfBuddy 2S laser is very straightforward to use and has a number of useful features. It is compact and nicely designed.


  • Accurate measurements.
  • Clear display with 6x magnification.
  • Useful slope and scan features.
  • It’s magnetic.


  • Nothing.

GolfBuddy Laser 2S rangefinder

Now: £269.99

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First Impressions

Out of the box, the Laser 2S looked pretty small compared to my current rangefinder. However it was only about 1.5cm shorter front to back and the other dimensions were the same. The weight of 209 gms is also the same as my older model. The Laser 2S has a smart black/white and red colour style. It is very comfortable to hold. There’s a ‘quick grab’ magnet on the right side of the device to attach to a buggy, trolley or any other metal object (I’d advise against a clubhead). There are two buttons on the top. One is an on/off button. The second accesses the ‘scan’ mode and enables the ‘slope’ function to be toggled on and off as required.

The device comes with a nicely designed and robust carrying case in black/red. The laser is designated as IPX4 which means that it is shower resistant. So I was keen to get out on the course and see how it performed.

On course testing

The picture above shows what you will see through the rangefinder with the slope function activated. You will firstly see the image on the left. Here 139 yards is the slope adjusted distance (150 being the straight line distance). The image on the right then appears which indicates the height of the target (uphill +, downhill -). In this illustration it is 11 yards downhill. The central cross (or targeting crosshair) has a focus square that blinks when searching for a pin. When that search is successful, three things happen. The focus square disappears. Secondly you get a little vibration from the machine. Thirdly the P appears at 3 o’clock. This sounds a little complicated when written down but in reality the Laser 2S is a delight to use.

The screen is clear, bold and bright. I felt that the 6x magnification certainly helped. It’s easy to switch off the slope function which I tended to do. It almost feels like cheating. I was initially unconvinced about the scan function. This enables you to measure the distance of a number of targets. So if, for instance, you’re playing a dogleg you can scan the far side to get an idea of where to aim.

I actually found the scan function really worthwhile and a useful additional feature. The pin finder mode did not seem to work as described in the manual but this device was certainly adept at distinguishing the pin from a collection of trees just at that back of a long par 3.

The 19th Hole

Laser rangefinders are , or certainly should be, straightforward to use. The GolfBuddy Laser 2S was certainly easy to use. It provided quick, accurate and clear information. The additional features all worked seamlessly and well. This really is a neat package and will be replacing my 10 year old laser from now on.

GolfBuddy Laser 2S rangefinder

Now: £269.99

Check out the best deals on the GolfBuddy Laser 2S rangefinder

Available: Now

RRP: £269.99

More Information: SkyGolf

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