Golf121: A must-have iPhone app for golfers

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The cheap and easy way to get personal lessons by PGA professionals on your iPhone

5 Golf121’s new, cutting-edge mobile app is a big hit with our team.
This free application acts as a PGA pro in your pocket. Being on your iPhone, one of the beauties of the app is that the fact it is a constant reminder – it can improve your game anywhere, either at home, in the office or out playing.

As golfers we all struggle with time constraints, but it’s so simple and convenient with the Golf121app.  

Four reasons to download the app

  • It’s the first app to deliver personalised swing video analysis via a smartphone
  • PGA coaching professionals hand-picked to deliver top-quality analysis
  • Over 34,000 courses within the App, including a stats tracking feature and GPS Range Finder
  • Full HD drills and skills games sent to the user with each analysis

So if you are frustrated with your game, but have no time or lack the finance for expensive lessons – and then forget what the pro says anyway – download Golf121’s superb app now. It can lower the scores of any golfer…

SPECIAL OFFER: NCG and Golf121 would like to offer every reader an introductory half-price lesson which normally retails at £9.99: Download and use half-price lesson code: NCG121.

The advantages of Golf121

  • It gets round the issue of time constraints; most golfers only have enough time to get out and play – they don’t have time for golf tuition
  • Lessons are expensive – and Golf121 clearly offers superb value for money 
  • The main benefit? It might just be that Golf121 gives the golfer simple advice and coaching and these clear instructions continue through bespoke drills and games 
  • Having the ability to call back every lesson, practice drill and game ensure you don’t forget what you are taught
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