How many famous English holes can you name?

Royal St George’s, St Enodoc, Royal Birkdale and Ganton all feature on Golf Tourism England’s latest campaign – but how many famous English holes can you name our finest courses?

The new campaign is set to show off the fantastic golfing experiences that can be enjoyed on our shores and a new video released from GTE hits all the right notes.

From Yorkshire to the Surrey Heathlands, let us know how many you can spot in the comments section below!

Opinion: It’s about time English golf blew its own trumpet

Thousands of visitors from America, the Far East and Scandinavia enjoy their trips to the British Isles every year. But more often than not they flood to Ireland and Scotland.

These countries are seen as one single destination but England is a slightly different story. To some extent, that’s because golf is less important to England’s tourism economy.

But it also reflects that different English courses and regions have tended to do their own thing. Golf Tourism England is aiming to bring them together to speak as one and get the message out to golfers all over the world that the courses are every bit as good as their Irish and Scottish counterparts.

Yes, the Open rota courses see thousands of visitors each year but as this uplifting video shows, there’s much more to English golf than that.

When you think of the magnificent Surrey heathlands, the Ryder Cup-hosting likes of Ganton, Moortown, Lindrick and S&A and the great links of Cornwall and Devon, to name but a few, you realise what an array of truly special golfing experiences the country has to offer.

It would be nice to see that being more widely recognised.

Dan Murphy