Golf tips: When to lay up and when to go for it

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When faced with a tough decision like this, here's what you should do...

Take a look at this 248-yard par 3 with a Stroke Index of 3. A good driver for most with some players not even able to reach. This means that at least 90 per cent of you receive a stroke.

Option A

If you can hit the green then are you confident that in the event you miss the green you can still tackle the bunker shot or greenside chip to save your score.

Option B

If not, play a club that not only makes the target and landing area bigger and easier to hit but also leaves a less dangerous approach.

Option C

There is nothing wrong with playing it like a short par 4. This gives you the chance to hit a club you are a lot more confident and accurate with, but it allows you to take all the trouble and risk away from the tee shot.
If you play your tee shot into position, leaving a shot of well under 100 yards, you are there for zero and have now made the hole a 70-yard par 3. How is your confidence now to make par from there with no hint of a six or seven?

  • Stuart Wilson is the professional at Eastwood GC near Glasgow. He is one of over 1,000 Foremost pros from all over the UK to give
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