Teaching professional and YouTube star Dan Whittaker has some advice on how to become more confident when chipping from a tight lie

NCG’s Tom Irwin headed up to Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen to get some much needed golf tips from teaching professional and YouTube star Dan Whittaker.

In our first lesson Dan talks to Tom about chipping from a tight lie.

Tom has a few concerns when faced with a shot like this:

My first thought here would be don’t make a 5. I’m thinking putter or 7 iron and if I make a 4 I’m relatively happy.

Dan then explains to Tom why his thoughts might be detrimental to his game:

When we go over a ridge like this one it’s usually always going to be running away from you at the other side.

Dan then discusses the club options Tom has to execute this shot:

To find out which club Tom should be using watch the video above.

So what is the takeaway to this particular tip?

Watch the full video above for more advice from Dan.