This year, the US Open will be hosted from 17th to 20th June in Torey Pines, where golf master Tiger Woods claimed the title in an amazing style in 2008. However, it would be surprising if Tiger took the title 13 years later with the new generation of golfers hunting for victory, although he remains a formidable force in the competition. 

This golf tournament will be available for wagering at Betway, with top contenders including Bryson DeChambeau, who claimed his first major victory at the 2020 US Open. Here are the best bets for the 2021 US Open. 

Outright Winner

This simple wager is the most straightforward selection you can make when betting on any golf tournament. The punter only needs to select the player who’s most likely to win the US Open and decide the amount to wager.

For the 2021 US Open, Dustin Johnson currently ranks as the bookie’s favorite at 17/2 odds. Dustin last won the US Open in 2016, although his form in 2020 put him near the top of future betting markets. Brooks Koepka is also among the top contenders for the title, after following Johnson with back-to-back wins in 2017 and 2018 events. Koepka is listing at 10/1 odds, with Jon Rahm ranking above him at 9/1 odds. 

Last year’s champion Bryson DeChambeau is ranking as the fourth favorite, but don’t expect to find him at the gorgeous price of 25/1 odds he cashed out in 2020. Bryson will be defending his title after a brilliant 6-stroke victory, but his odds are expected to plummet with any win at the start of the 2021 event. Fortunately, punters who Bet on golf with Betway can wager on him early enough before the odds plummet. 

Other golfers worth watching throughout the tournament include 2017 PGA Champion Justin Thomas, Rolly Mcllroy, Will Zalatoris, Simpson, and Matthew Wolff. However, the initial odds on the US Open will reflect 2020’s leaders’ board and the public’s favorites and they will be adjusted to reflect their performance, injuries, and changes seen in each match.

Other US Open Betting Markets

Close to the beginning of the 2021 US Open tournament, other betting markets will be available for punters. That can include the Top-20, Top-10, and Top-5, which has lower odds than choosing the outright winner. However, they offer a safety net for punters wagering on a top finish and allow you to cash in on multiple tickets.

Punters who doubt their selection’s potential performance can also bet on each way market to reassure their bet. You can also wager on the three-ball market by choosing a golfer who will post the best score in a round. However, it doesn’t matter how your selection performs throughout the tournament provided he can outrank the other two in his grouping. Even better, you can wager on the nationality of the golfer who will win the US Open. 

How To Watch The 2021 US Open

The US Open will be staged at San Diego’s Torrey Pines South Course in California from Thursday, 17th June to Sunday, 20th June, with Tee times announced on Tuesday 15th June. Fans can watch the action on NBC and Golf Channel, with streaming available on the USGA streaming APP,, and the US Open mobile app.