In The Golf Sack – Episode 1 we take a look at a couple of cool golfing gadgets that could really help you out over the winter months.

The Golf Sack is our opportunity to test and review some of the more unusual items that can be found on the market.

We’d ask anyone who has a product they’d like us to feature to contact us.

The Golf Sack – Episode 1: The Golf Trolley Glove

This cool little product is absolutely idea for those who suffer from cold hands when playing golf.

There are two versions of the Golf Trolley Glove – a blue and a black model.

The Blue Glove is designed for a trolley that has a T Bar handle with a narrower shaft.

The Golf Sack - Episode 1

The Black Glove is also for the T Bar handle, but with a wider shaft.

The Black Glove also has a pocket outside to keep your scorecard dry, with a pocket inside for a pocket warmer.

Both products attach to you trolley very easily thanks to Velcro fastening and have fleece lining to keep your hands warm on those frosty mornings.

SRP: £14.99 Blue, £24.99 Black.

For more information visit the Golf Trolley Glove website HERE

The Golf Sack – Episode 1: The Golf Swing Shirt

This is a handy little training aid which is again ideal for those winter months processing down at the driving range.

The idea of The Golf Swing Shirt is to help you make a more “connected” golf swing.

It’s essentially a compression shirt that keeps both arms more connected to the body through the golf swing.

It can be used to practise with any club and involved both arms coming forward through a trunk at the front of the shirt rather than out the sides.

Three-time major winner Padraig Harrington is a fan.

The Golf Sack - Episode 1

SRP: $69.99 for US customers with an additional $20 for international orders.

There is a discount available for PGA members.

For more information visit the Golf Swing Shirt website HERE

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