Hannah Holden put Golf Pride's latest range through their paces

The grip is our only contact with the club, but how much do we really consider which one we are using? For 2022 Golf Pride have launched the new CPX grip. Here’s what I thought…

Golf Pride CPX grips review: First impressions

The softer feel of the Golf Pride CPX grips caught my attention straight away. I struggled with a forearm and wrist injury which put me out of play for two months last season and I was eager to see if the softer feel of these grips would help reduce some strain on that area.

Golf Pride CPX grip review

Straight out of the box I really like the styling, it is especially helpful that the grey colourway of the grips matches especially well with my Steelfiber iron shafts.

Golf Pride CPX grips review: The technology

CPX stands for Comfort Performance Extreme. The whole idea behind the grip is to provide superior feel through extreme softness while also delivering the best new technologies.

Golf Pride CPX grip review

The grip is constructed from a soft and responsive rubber compound which moulds to the hands for ultimate control and stress relief. A soft grip for a hard game.

“We know that golfers of every calibre quest for the ‘right feel’ when they have a club in their hands. The new CPX focuses on exactly that. Golf is hard. There’s a lot to think about. We believe that the right grip can create comfort – for your hands and your mind – regardless of your skill level.”

Eric Gibson, Golf Pride

The striking design comes from the EXO Diamond-quilted pattern that is inspired by the grips on BMX bikes. It is raised to maximise contact area with your hands to enhance performance. It also reduces vibrations to give you maximum comfort in your hands.

The blue end-cap is a Control Core, this complements the softer rubber around it and helps provide maximum control.

Golf Pride CPX grips review: NCG verdict

I currently use the Golf Pride MMC grip throughout the bag, and instantly in terms of feel there is a massive difference.

The CPX feels so much softer, it also feels tackier and like there is more depth to the material, which makes your grip feel more secure.

The texture also seems to have been helping me when playing in wet weather, it just feels like I have abit more grip, giving me more control in the rain.

Visually over the ball these sit really nicely, the white lines that define different textures actually work really well as an alignment aid to make sure you are set up squarely.

I have small hands and can sometimes struggle with my grip slipping in the backswing, I felt the multiple textures, particularly the deeper diamond pattern helped stop this. 

Golf Pride CPX grip review

In terms of comfort, the softer feel has worked really nicely for me so far. I definitely feel less stress on my wrists and forearms and hopefully this is another tool to help keep me injury free.

Golf Pride CPX grips review: The details

Available: Now

Sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize, Jumbo

Colour: Grey/Blue

The full Golf Pride line-up

Are you using firm or soft golf grips? I’ve collated a list of the full Golf Pride line-up from firmest to softest so you know which to try next.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride Z Grip

The firmest grip in Golf Pride’s line-up. It also comes with an align option which helps golfers get consistent hand placement. It also has a heavy cord texture for moisture management.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord

The most widely used grip among tour players. The tight weave cotton twill pattern means this is still one of golf prides firmest grips.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride MMC

A hybrid grip that fuses the best of rubber and corded grips. The upper section is made from brushed cotton cord, this is from and great in all weather conditions. The lower section is performance rubber for feel and responsiveness.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride Tour Velvet

The most widely used grip among tour players. The rubber blend compound has a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride VDR

The VDR is specifically designed for increase traction and excellent all weather performance. This is achieved through three depths of grip texture. This precision-cut, variable depth texture combines with shock reducing rubber to protect your wrists on off centre strikes.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G

This is a one piece simulated wrap grip. It combines the looks and feel of luxury leather with the durability and performance of high-tech rubber.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride Tour Wrap Microsuede

Tour Wrap technology in a unique microsuede material. This is a proprietary finish that delivers a soft feel but also provides exceptional traction in wet weather conditions.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride CP2 Pro

Perfect if you like a soft tacky feel. an internal control core stabiliser reduces torque while the top wrap later delivers comfort. The bottom of the grip is larger, equivalent to four extra layers of tape. This encourages even grip pressure across both hands.

Golf Pride CPX grip review
Golf Pride CPX

The newest addition to Golf Pride’s range is also the softest, offering the most comfort and reduce vibrations.

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