If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that many of us can't hit a net from a few feet away. This clip takes it to the next level

You may not know the name Rory Inman but over the weekend he became the second most famous Rory in the sport after a clip of him hitting into his golf net went viral.

There have been a few golf net howlers during the lockdown period, with millions across the UK forced to work on their swing within the perimeter of their garden fence.

But young Rory’s effort has been by far our favourite. You’ll need your sound on for this…

I honestly don’t think you could write this any funnier.

The noise of the glass shattering is perfect. The immediate screech of “Rory!” is chilling. The fact you can sense the sheer panic just from the back of his head. Then his off-camera excitement that it was on film.

Fifteen seconds of true chef’s kiss gold.

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