Golf is a sport that combines the challenge of course management and strategy with practicing mental discipline. It’s also one of the most expensive sports to play as you’re required to have your own golf cart, club set, balls, shoes, and more. 

The sport has its roots in Scotland, and while many of the courses are still located there, golf is played throughout much of the world. It’s not just a game for those who can afford to play; it also helps with health as golfers get their heart rate up by walking 18 holes. Golf clubs have been around since 1762 and their number has increased over time with more and more people playing the sport.

But how much money stands behind this sport?

The richest golfers in the world

There are a mix of celebrities and athletes, like Dustin Johnson. One of his sponsors is TaylorMade Golf which made him the highest paid golfer in the world with $71 million in salary and prize money from 2017-2018 according to Forbes. In the top 10 of the richest athletes we can also find Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Jordan Spieth. Their wealth is counted in millions of dollars. 

The most expensive places to play golf

A normal game of golf can cost up to $150. The playing fee is usually about the same as a full 18-hole round at around $40, plus you have to pay for your clubs and balls which are more than likely not included in that package price, unless you have your own. This was an average price. If you want to play fortune for a game, you should visit Scotland!  It is home of Royal Troon Golf Club. A round of golf at Royal Troon will cost you a whopping $282 for 18 holes, and this is the prize without the cart rental!

The most expensive place to play golf is The Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey. Costs for a round of 18 holes can range from $400-900 and memberships start at an eye watering $160k! 

The most expensive equipment

Golf clubs are one item in your bag that can be very costly to replace when they wear out or break. The average cost of a new set of clubs  is around $200. The average cost of a new set of irons is also on the higher end, at about $400 for an iron club set with five to nine clubs in it. There is also a cart to keep your clubs in place. This is a cost of another few hundreds dollars. To this you need to add proper clothes like shoes, socks, shorts, shirts and gloves.  The most expensive gold club on the market is the Honma TW727. It is made in Japan and costs $400 per club which can come to a total of up to thousands of dollars for the set!

The biggest win on betting on golf

Lucky bettor from Ireland wins $758.000 on a $120 bet

“I was at work, I had the radio on in my truck and it said that someone from Ireland won £760k (€765 000) because they put €120 (USD$136) on Tiger Woods to win.” That’s when he knew he had to return to the casino/kaszinó to collect his winnings. 

Why is playing golf so expensive? Why is it getting cheaper?

Golf is a sport that is loved by many people all around the world. But it has got the patch of exclusive sport and many want to keep it that way. It used to be entertainment only for the rich. But nowadays it has become a hobby for many people, even those who are on the lower end of society’s spectrum, too.

This is because there are golf courses in almost every corner of the world and they have various costs starting from really affordable rates up to unbelievably expensive ones! 

It all depends on location and the target clientele of the pitch. If they aim for rich people, they need to keep high quality and high cost. For popular courses, it’s the opposite – they need to keep prices low because many players can’t afford expensive rates.

The same with equipment. There are many companies known for their high quality, but accordingly high prices. On the contrary, there is the possibility of buying average equipment for an affordable price and just starting to play. 

For beginners there is always a cheaper option available- minigolf. It is available in many places and it’s a great option for those who want to start learning the game in a fun and relaxing environment.


Golf is a great sport and it is good it has started to be more affordable for those who want to play just for fun. Of course, there are still premium quality courses like  Pebble Beach Golf Links, but for those who want to spend money on a hobby that is not their job, there are plenty of options available.

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