If you're a non-golfer, buying for a golfer can be the most frustrating experience. Allow us to help

If I had a pound for every time someone has picked my brain for golf gift ideas – particularly around Christmas – I would have at least £8.

My answer is always the same: “Golf balls.” Golfers love getting golf balls. It’s our favourite thing to get, because we lose them all the time. (Apropos, NCG’s gear expert Hannah Holden will be piecing together a similar rundown of gift ideas featuring golf equipment.)

But if you want other ideas, here are a few golf-related Christmas presents that people actually want.

Spoiler alert: No one – NO ONE – wants that putting game you play while sitting on the toilet. Or a bar of soap shaped like a golf ball. No one.

Golf gift ideas: Golf (!)

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But so few think of just buying someone a round of golf.

Think about the golfer in your life. If they are a member of a club, they will play there 99% of the time. If not, the likelihood is they stay local.

Golfers are always chatting about where they want to go and play. So try and drop into conversation about where they want to go and play. Or maybe just pick an area and see what you can find.

For ideas, visit the NCG Top 100s section of this website and see what takes your fancy. Might I suggest Cornwall, Yorkshire, Wales, and the golf coasts of both England and Scotland? I think I just did.

Golf gift ideas: Golf (but with a twist)

Similarly, enter the golfer in your life into an event.

OK, bit of self-promotion here but I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in these – albeit on a very small scale compared to the people that run it – and they really are fantastic events.

You get well fed and you get to a play one of the finest golf courses in the UK all for a fraction of the standard green fee. There are wonderful prizes on offer and the grand prize is always spectacular. We’ve already sent one person to the Masters and this year’s winner is off to the Players Championship.

The 2021 line-up is really starting to take shape, so make sure you head to the NCG Top 100s Tour website for more details. Hurry, places will sell out fast.

Golf gift ideas: Lessons

Whether we play off scratch or 54, we all need golf lessons.

The problem is when our golf game is going down the pan we tend to blame our equipment instead of ourselves. And we’re all happy to spend £500 on a new driver, but not happy to give a fraction of that to someone who can actually help.

Pros always have deals on to buy lessons in bundles – check the PGA’s website to find the best one near you.

The golfer in your life might feign insult, but really they’ll be buzzing – particularly come summer when their game is in much better shape than it was a few months previous…

Golf gift ideas: Tickets

After year off thanks to Covid the Open is back in 2021 at Royal St George’s and they have a variety of ticketing options available for spectators.

Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you tell them they’re off to watch the best in world strut their stuff on the glorious Kent coast.

And while the European Tour schedule for next year is yet to be released, there will almost certainly be a handful of tournaments in the UK – notably the BMW PGA Championship, Scottish Open, and the always-popular Dunhill Links.

This will make you very popular.

Golf gift ideas: Video game

There are a couple of options if you know someone who is a golfer and a gamer. (Yes, we exist.)

First up is the excellent PGA Tour 2K21 game.

The first officially licensed PGA Tour game since 2015, 2K21 features 11 of your favourite stars and dozens of real and fictional golf courses.

The gameplay is the best we’ve seen since the Tiger Woods franchise of games. I should know – I had them all – and I’ve been addicted to this since it came out.

That’s available to buy now on your preferred format. Look, I’ve done the hard work for you…

golf gift ideas

Golf gift ideas: Simulator

If you’re looking to get a little bit more extravagant, then the Phi Golf WGT mobile simulator is an awesome bit of kit.

Just fire up the latest version of the World Golf Tour game on your preferred device and use the state-of-the-art sensor and swing stick to take on the best golf courses in the world.

At just shy of £200 it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it. Can someone please buy it for me?

Golf gift ideas: Board game

Because what is Christmas without a board game? My pick is the brilliant Open Championship-themed Taxi Board Game.

Created by taxi driver Gordon Drysdale, the premise is simple: the more questions you get right, the more tips you earn.

The Open edition features 300 questions about your favourite major as well as 300 general knowledge questions, as well as giving you the opportunity to pretend you’re a cabbie for a few hours.

Golf gift ideas: Books

Books are a classic Christmas present, but more often than not you end up with something you’ll flick through while EastEnders is on before consigning it to its dusty grave on your bookshelf. (Mum, I’m 38, I haven’t read a Beano Annual for quarter of a century.)

When the first lockdown rolled around, my team put together a handy list of their various favourite books. Here’s what we came up with…

Golf gift ideas: National Club Golfer

And, saving the best until last, a subscription to National Club Golfer magazine.

I think that’s enough to keep you going for now. I hope I don’t cause any arguments when you buy someone something from this meticulously researched list only to find they’ve bought you socks.

Merry Christmas.

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