At the demo day of the PGA show 2017 in Orlando, we had the opportunity to try out some weird and wonderful gadgets and other contraptions that could potentially enhance your golf game. One of the more interesting products we came across was the GolfBoard. This easy-to-ride, fully electric vehicle adds fun and enjoyment to your round.


The tech

Firstly, whilst checking out the GolfBoard, we spoke to Jeff Dowell, president of the company. Jeff has spent 35 years in start-ups and early stage business development ventures in the golf, technology and digital media industries.

Jeff began by explaining some background on the technology. The brainchild of professional surfer Laird Hamilton, the GolfBoard has been around for around five years. Their aim was to create a way to surf on land the way that they do in the ocean. They began by experimenting with electric skateboards before finally settling on the current GolfBoard design around four years ago.

With just a push of the control throttle, the GolfBoard is very easy to use. And it’s intuitive too, just lean to turn corners or release the throttle to come to a complete stop. The throttle mechanism also features an intelligent LED battery charge level indicator, while a high/low speed option mounted on the stability bar allows the user to set their maximum speed preference, along with a forward/reverse function that provides optimal manoeuvrability.

Getting the GolfBoard in the UK

UK distributor, Frasercorp Ltd, have the GolfBoard available to purchase from their website.


NCG had a riot testing out the GolfBoard and we cannot wait to get our hands on one to start tearing round the course…