In the latest episode of our golf fitness instruction series we take a look at the golf fitness exercises to improve speed and power in your swing

We’ve teamed up with golf fitness expert Rachael Tibbs to provide a series of golf fitness exercises that can be carried out either in the gym or at home.

A serious amount of force goes through the back in the golf swing so keeping this area strong is not only key for preventing injury and distance but can provide you more control throughout the swing. Check out Rachael’s three exercises for swing speed and power in the video below…

Golf fitness exercises to improve speed and power

Make sure you are using a light medicine ball for these drills so you can get as much speed out of the drills as possible as well as maximum rotation through the upper back.

Rachael Tibbs is a TPI L2 certified golf fitness professional based in Leeds. She specialises in golf-specific strength and conditioning. If you are looking for your own ‘golf strength programme’ visit her website for details about in-person and online programmes or follow her on Twitter