Is your performance suffering due to fatigue toward the end of a round? Here are some exercises to help you feeling fresh for 18 holes

We’ve teamed up with golf fitness expert Rachael Tibbs to provide a series of golf fitness exercises that can be carried out either in the gym or at home.

A round of golf takes a long time, do you ever find you get tired and your performance suffers on those final few holes? Check out Rachael’s five exercises for increasing stamina for 18 holes in the video below…

Golf fitness exercises to improve stamina for 18 holes

Make sure you are getting the correct form with these exercises before you start adding additional load. As these exercises are to build stamina the reps are higher, you should be repeating each exercise between 10-15 times.

Rachael Tibbs is a TPI L2 certified golf fitness professional based in Leeds. She specialises in golf-specific strength and conditioning. If you are looking for your own ‘golf strength programme’ visit her website for details about in-person and online programmes or follow her on Twitter