We've all had our disasters on the course and not just with our clubs. In this week's Fourball we relive some of our greatest wardrobe malfunctions

Mark Townsend, Alex Perry, Hannah Holden and Joe Hughes take to the psychiatrist’s chair to share how their golfing fashion sense has got the better of them and how they’d like to rock it on the fairways. Or not…

How would you describe your golf fashion outlook on the course?

Hannah: Lots of colour and patterns, I hate wearing a bland outfit. My golf wardrobe looks like a rainbow has exploded in there.

Alex: White polo, grey mid layer, black trousers, white shoes. If I’m feeling extra sassy, and it’s raining, I’ll wear my blue waterproof jacket.

Joe: I like to don a modern look but there are plenty of trends which just don’t float my boat– see Erik van Rooyen’s trousers. That said, trousers are a big part of the look for me and I’ve been scouring the world to try and find some that are fashionably slim, but not too skinny. The cap is the most important part of a golfer’s outfit and I own more than I care to reveal.

Mark: Safe rather than spectacular. By safe I mean sky blue trousers and some sort of pastel polo. We’re fast approaching my favourite time of year for clothing which means knitwear. And by knitwear I mean dark blue or possibly grey.

What’s been your biggest golf fashion faux pas?

Mark: I once played in a school match at Fulwell in the mid to late 80s with some sort of head-to-toe ensemble. Think Sergio at Hoylake but grey instead of canary yellow. I genuinely thought I looked great, like a young Frank Nobilo, but the guffaws from both teams suggested otherwise. I think I was maybe ahead of my time; accessorising my worsted slacks with a roll neck and diamond cut jumper, but I still managed to cut out the noise and post a point.

Joe: It happened fairly recently to be honest, and actually involves trousers. Around 18 months ago I found a pair of Under Armour trousers which were the ideal fit, I was ecstatic. But, which colour did I buy? Grey? Black? Khaki? No – actually I dived in for the navy with light blue polka dots.

It takes a certain type of person and clearly a certain level of golfer to pull these off and I quickly found out that was not me. “You must have some game to be wearing those” one member said to me as I rocked up to the course in them for the first time.

I don’t which is why someone will have got a bargain from the local charity shop. 

Alex: I went through a stage of wearing a lot of IJP Design stuff. Why did I do that? I can’t even defend myself by saying I was young and and dumb. Oh, wait, I absolutely can.

Hannah: There are definitely so many it’s hard to pinpoint one, I used to have a bad collection of tartan shorts/trousers and diamond patterned jumpers. More recently it would probably be the ‘Gardeners gear’ we wear to play for Yorkshire, it looks like we are going on safari…

Who is your golf fashion style icon?

Alex: I generally like what Jordan Spieth wears but he favours white trousers far too often for my liking. Brooks Koepka, when he goes all black, looks cool AF. Those Nike trainers he wears are right up my street.

Hannah: When I was younger it was Paula Creamer, essentially every time I stepped on the course I was dressed in head-to-toe pink clothing. I had the Pink Panther driver head cover and the pink ribbon shoes, obviously.

Mark: Adam Scott’s trousers have been a huge negative for me this year so that just leaves me with Robert Rock. I’m on the Wolsey website most weeks looking for some sort of flash sale. Only last week I parted with £20 for an edgy/grey autumn blouson. It generally makes me feel a bit closer to Rocky, and another hero Pepperell, so is worth every penny.

Joe: Justin Thomas has rightly been awarded his own line with sponsor Ralph Lauren and, if it wasn’t for the price tag, I’d be kitted out in the whole range. Everything Thomas wears is classy, clean and modern, it’s how golf clothing should be done. There is just one thing that bugs me about his get-up and it’s those bloody cardigans that he occasionally sticks on, the 2017 Open Championship outfit was the worst of the lot. Why JT, why?

So, what’s been your biggest fashion faux pas on the golf course? Let us know in the comments below or tweet them to us.