Golf equipment: The 10-foot long, antique wooden driver

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Check out this monster, which was made nearly a century ago

If you really want to hit the ball further off the tee then perhaps it is not one of the latest titanium-headed, graphite-shafted models that you need.

This club, as demonstrated by David Anderson, from Kingarrock, has a solid persimmon wood head in proportion to the 9’ 6’’ long ebonised hickory shaft, and the original grip. The head has a leading edge of ram’s horn.

The club, recently acquired by Persimmon Golf, was made by Joe Anderson in the 1920s. Joe’s daughter, Jessie Valentine, won the British Ladies’ Championship three times.

“While our own clubs provide the golfer with a high-performance alternative to metal drivers and fairway woods, items such as this remind us of the wonderful history and craftsmanship behind this great game,” said John England, Persimmon Golf’s MD.


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