Reason One – The experience is brilliant

Going to a Titleist fitting centre is an experience you won’t forget. The service is professional, the fitters are exceptionally knowledgable and they have thousands of permutations of heads and shafts. 

If you’ve never been fitted then you’re in for a treat. This is your chance to make sure that your next set will work as well as possible. You get one-on-one attention and will feel like a tour professional. 

The fitters are there to help – if you tell them what you want then they will work with you to provide it. Alternatively, if you want to leave everything to their expertise they will lead you through the whole process and can suggest which head and shaft combinations will work best for you. In other words, their input will extend as far as you want it to.

Reason Two – Compare and contrast

Some golfers know exactly which clubs they want. Others try more than one model and then see how the results compare. So maybe you love the looks of the CBs but are worried you might lose distance? 

You can look at your average shot data, including total distance and accuracy, then the same with, say, an AP2. Then it’s up to you to make an informed decision. Of the current range, the AP2 has proved the most popular, then come AP1 and CB about the same, and finally, as you would expect, the out-and-out blades, the MBs. You will find these different heads launch the ball at different heights and with different spin rates. 

Your fitter will be able to show you which works best in your hands – and of course you will be able to see for yourself from the feel and flight of the shots.

Reason Three – Try length and shaft options

It’s all very well seeing or reading about a tour pro using Dynamic Golds or Project Xs or KBS Tours and thinking you fancy trying them yourself, but it’s impossible to know how they are going to perform for your swing without trying them.

At your fitting, you can try the same head with all of these shafts and many more, and compare the results both in terms of feel and on a computer. You can also see what difference it makes to use heavier or lighter shafts, longer or shorter ones and with stiffer and softer flexes. 

The trained eye of your fitter will ensure you choose an option that works for your game. You’ll be amazed at how different the same head can feel with a different shaft in it
At a Titleist fitting centre, you are dealing with experts, and better still experts who have everything there is to know about Titleist equipment at their fingertips. Reason Four – Trackman options

The Trackman launch monitor is a phenomenally powerful tool that can analyse the shots you hit in minute detail within seconds of impact. It follows the flight of the ball in the air and can tell you everything from carry distance to launch angle and much, much more. 

Also useful is the ability to compare results and therefore rate your consistency and overall performance from one set-up to the next. For example, you could compare the average results from five shots with an MB and a CB; or how the same head performs for you with a Dynamic Gold S300 and a Project X 6.0 in it.

Reason Five – Scratching that gapping itch

Be honest – do you really know how far your gap wedge goes compared to your pitching wedge? Or your 4 iron compared to your hybrid? 

Using Trackman, your fitter can advise you how to blend hybrids and wedges into your irons to ensure that the gaps or even. In a precise, scientific fashion. It only takes a few minutes to determine whether your longest iron should be a 3, 4, 5 or even 6, and how many wedges you need to balance your set off. Getting your gapping right has to be one of the most important reasons to get fitted properly. 

Reason Six –  Complete trust

At a Titleist fitting centre, you are dealing with experts, and better still experts who have everything there is to know about Titleist equipment at their fingertips. The result is clarity – and with that trust. The level of service and attention to detail is almost certainly beyond anything you have seen or witnessed before. 

A new set of irons is far from cheap but the knowledge they have been tailored to suit your game will mean this is an investment you will value for years. So with a bit of time and a bit of money, you leave safe in the knowledge you really are getting the correct kit for you.