Golf equipment: SkyCaddie Gimme GPS device review

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We took the new SkyCaddie Gimme for a spin. Here are our findings...

4 There is no doubting that this is a top class GPS that is easy to use and offers reliable yardages as SkyCaddie continue to show that they do not just make top-of-the-range devices.

The Gimme costs £40 more than the entry-level Aire, which provides the same information, but offers a bigger handset and a colour screen. The unit is the perfect size to fit in your palm and, much to the delight of many who just can’t get along with touchscreens, is operated using buttons, albeit ones that were a touch squidgy for my liking.

The screen is bright and vivid and, even if attached to your bag, the numbers can be seen easily from a distance.

It doesn’t take long to acquire signal and find the course you are on and the battery life is good. This model is aimed at the golfer who wants to be able to use it out of the box with minimal fuss.

Some clever features include being able to measure shots using ‘mark your shot’ and the scorecard, which is ideal if you’re playing a practice round and don’t want to mess around with a card and a pencil.

With 30,000 courses pre-loaded and a SkyCaddie ‘Par membership’ (front, middle and back-of-green distances) as standard, there is no need to pay any extra charges, which is refreshing, given this seemed to be the only negative we could find with previous SkyCaddie products. The Gimme retails at £169.95.

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