Golf equipment: Go Kart Automatic electric trolley review

Golf Equipment

We put the brand's latest electric trolley through its paces

4 Ease of operation is usually one of the main barriers between a player and an electric trolley. The other is generally the fact that they are seen to be aimed at the older generation.

If either of these points apply to you, be sure to check out the GoKart Automatic.

This innovative new trolley has only one switch and no buttons. To operate it, you simply hold on to the handle and start walking.

The pressure you exert starts up the motor and matches the speed of your steps. To stop, simply stop walking while holding the trolley and it will stay with you. If you want it to carry on running while you walk next to it, get to your desired speed and let go. It’s as simple as that.

The main appeal to most, though, will be the modern looks. With a contemporary colour palette and a laid-back look, it will look great holding the bags of everyone from a young upstart to a seasoned veteran.

There are several colour options and different batteries. Prices start at £299.

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