We've all had plenty of time to dream about where we're going to tee up when we can safely get back out on the course. Here are Steve Carroll's five

Golf courses to play after lockdown: The Old Course

golf courses to play after lockdown

Let’s get the obvious one in there. It’s the Home of Golf and I haven’t stood and quaked on the 1st tee or hit one off the road on 17 like basically every other golfer on the planet. It’s shameful.

What’s worse is I’ve spent plenty of time in St Andrews – so much, in fact, that I’ve basically walked the course.

I’m not sure you can really say you’re a golfer until you’ve hit one over Grannie Clark’s Wynd or posed for a silly selfie on the Swilcan Bridge.

Yes, it’s nearly £200 now and, yes, it’s going to involve an obscenely early morning alarm call to get in the queue and hope I can get on as a single.

But what all of this over the past couple of months has taught me is that it’s experience, not money and not time in bed, that really matters in this life.

We’re off to Merseyside next. But where? Find out by turning the page…