Top 100 courses under £100: 90-81

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Fulford, Gullane No 2 and St Annes Old Links all feature here as we continue our countdown of the top 100 UK courses under £100

90 – Blackmoor, Hampshire
2013 green fee: £60

What is commonly known as the Surrey sand belt in fact extends into Berkshire and Hampshire, with Blackmoor perhaps the most westerly course to benefit from its ideal golfing characteristics. It’s a gorgeous place to play.

Why it’s special: The purple heather gives Blackmoor a special look all of its own 

89 – Fulford, Yorkshire
2013 green fee: £55

Once a European Tour stop and still a delight to members and visitors – who included Europe’s best female amateurs last summer  – Fulford is bisected by the A64. On the near side it’s parkland, across the road more heathland. 

Why it’s special: The holes are evocatively named after tour players who competed here 

88 – Wallasey, Cheshire
2013 green fee: £80

Separated from Liverpool by the width of the Mersey, Wallasey enjoys a stunning location with views in the opposite direction of the North Wales coast. This is a links course that begins and ends in the dunes.

Why it’s special: The best holes here would not be out of place at nearby Royal Liverpool. 

87 – Luffenham Heath, Rutland
2013 green fee: £55

Just off the A1 not far from Stamford is an oasis of golfing sophistication. Luffenham is in places delightfully old-fashioned, although the course has recently been extended and improved.  

Why it’s special: The finishing stretch is stunning, with the highlight being the short 17th

86 – Ipswich (Purdis Heath), Suffolk
2013 green fee: £55

Suffolk can be an under-rated golfing region because with gems like Purdis Heath there is plenty to recommend it. It’s a course that keeps itself to itself – maybe a few more should be let into the secret.

Why it’s special: The journey from wooded beginnings to classic heathland in the middle 
Just like Blairgowrie’s Rosemount and Lansdowne, we think there is less between Gullane 1 and 2 than is usually assumed. 85 – Blairgowrie (Lansdowne), Perthshire
2013 green fee: £60

There is a myth that the Lansdowne is very much a second course to the Rosemount – we encourage you to play both and find out the truth for yourself. It was considered good enough to host this year’s Scottish Amateur. 

Why it’s special: This is stunning Gleneagles country

84 – Gullane (No 2, East Lothian
2013 green fee: £48

Just like Blairgowrie’s Rosemount and Lansdowne, we think there is less between Gullane 1 and 2 than is usually assumed. In fact, the layouts have much in common – and the locals says No 2 is often in even better condition. 

Why it’s special: The romantic views towards Edinburgh and the Forth Road Bridge 

83 – Perranporth, Cornwall
2013 green fee: £36

At the risk of damning unassuming Perranporth with faint praise, this is the kind of holiday golf you dream of – impossibly pretty, great fun, quirky in places and genuinely welcoming. It’s what summer evenings were made for.

Why it’s special: Only a golfing heathen would fail to be charmed by Perranporth

82 – St Annes Old Links, Lancashire
2013 green fee: £75

Whisper it quietly, but the word is that St Annes has one of the best greenkeepers in the business and it it has never been in better condition. Spectacular it is not and hemmed in it may be, but what a thorough test of your game.           

Why it’s special: Because it is so consistently good

81 – Hindhead, Surrey
2013 green fee: £70

Famed for the contrast between its two nines, initially the fairways wind through narrow valleys. It is a different story later on, with a heathland plateau providing flatter terrain. Arthur Conan Doyle was among the founders. 

Why it’s special: The view from the 2nd tee is worth the journey to this corner of Surrey alone

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