Some simple golf course management tips are all you need to become a better golfer. Hannah Holden has been through the data so you don't have to

Can you believe it is possible to improve your golf scores without changing your swing? Some simple golf course management tips are all you need to become a better golfer.

I have been through Shot Scope’s data library to show you what the stats say are the top five biggest mistakes you’re making out on the golf course.

Mistake 1: Hitting 3-wood off the tee

We’re all guilty of pulling out 3-wood when we get to a tight tee shot, but this might be a hindrance rather than a help. According to Shot Scope data club golfers only hit 1% more fairways with a 3-wood compared to a driver. There 3-wood also carries on average 30 yards shorter. 1% more accuracy really isn’t worth it if you have to hit an extra 2 or 3 clubs into the green.

Mistake 2: Compounding errors

golf course management tips

Big numbers are scorecard killers and they are generally caused by a series of errors on one hole. If you get yourself in trouble, whether that’s in the trees or a bunker, take the easiest route back to the fairway to get yourself back in play.

Mistake 3: Leaving putts short

golf course management tips

We’ve all heard the saying never up, never in. But did you know club golfers leave 80% of putts short from 5 feet! When it comes to long putts you never going to get them all to the hole, but there really is no excuse with short putts. If you want to lower your scores, make sure you are giving your short putts a good run at the hole.

Mistake 4: Laying up too far back

When you are laying up to a green or hazard, it can be tempting to leave your ball way back, away from the trouble. The problem with this is you are leaving yourself a lot of work on your next shot.

Mistake 5: Not hitting enough club

Approach play has one of the biggest impacts on your overall scoring, but how long do you really think about what club you should be hitting and where to aim? Do you even know how far you hit every club in your bag?

Shot Scope data shows us that a massive 80% of missed greens are due to balls coming up short of the putting surface.

golf course management tips

But when we look at where the danger is, more than 70% of trouble, such as bunkers and water hazards, are at the front of the green. When you miss a green short not only are you testing your short game but you are making a double bogey much more likely.

How many of these mistakes are you guilty of out on the course? Make sure you let us know if these golf course management tips help your game.

More information: Shot Scope website

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Hannah Holden

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