Want to work on your stroke at home? We've scoured the internet to find the best putting mats your hard-earned money can buy

Such an important part of the game but one we often neglect when it comes to practising – so here’s a rundown of the best putting mats you can buy so you can work on your flatstick prowess without leaving your home.

Best putting mats: PuttOut

+ Designed to play exactly like a real green
+ Alignment aids to add extra challenges
+ Runs around 10 on the stimp

RRP: £69.99
Size: 2.4m x 0.5m

Best putting mats: Forb

putting training aids

+ Having more than one target to work towards adds variety
+ Bonus of actually being able to putt into a hole
+ Larger mat means you can practise a variety of putt lengths

RRP: £89.99
Size: 3m x 1m

Best putting mats: Best Track Visible Touch

putting training aids

+ Centre line helps work on alignment
+ Dual side mat – a fast tournament speed side and a slower normal green speed side
+ Distance markings to help you work on the length and tempo of your stroke
+ Backstop so you don’t keep having to collecting balls that have run off the back of the mat

RRP: £119.95
Size: 3m x 0.5m

Best putting mats: PuttOut Pressure

OK, the next two items aren’t putting mats, but you need something to aim at…

best putting aids

+ Real size hole for target practice
+ Micro target is designed to challenge you to increase your skill level
+ Also works as a ball returner

RRP: £19.99

Best putting mats: Putt Return Machine

putting training aids

+ Automatic ball return
+ Slightly larger target makes it good for beginners and kids to enjoy

RRP: £11.99

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