Equipment editor Hannah Holden checks out the brand new audio feature in Golf Buddy's latest laser

My Golf Buddy Aim L10V review has taken place on a variety of courses in the last few months.

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review: First Impressions

This is a really neat compact device and the styling gives it a really sporty look. Instantly it felt very lightweight – my golf bag is heavy enough as it is so any weight saving is a bonus.

Golfbuddy Aim L10V review

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review: The technology

The Aim L10V combines the most advanced Golf Buddy laser rangefinder technology with unmatched simplicity of use.

It is the first laser to offer an audio option with the device providing spoken confirmation of distances, providing confidence and ease of use to the golfer. This audio option can be turned on and off via a button on the side of the laser.

It has three targeting modes – standard, scan and pin – as well as 6x magnification to ensure precision and clarity of distances on the LCD screen.

It features a slope function to provide accurate distances across all elevations. This can also be switched on and off.

The laser is tournament compliant and features the most advanced components and technology to provide pin point accuracy so golfers can be one hundred per cent confident in the distance they need to hit the ball.

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review: The results

The device was really easy to set up simple screw in the battery and you’re ready to go. It comes with a carry case and strong carabiner clip, this is really important as you don’t want it falling off your bag halfway round the golf course.

A cool new feature is the audio setting which means the yardages can be read out to you should you wish. The volume of the voice is really well balanced, loud enough to hear clearly but quiet enough to not distract your playing partners. This feature can be switched on and off when required.

Golfbuddy Aim L10V review

Ergonomically this has been designed really well the size and shaping makes it really easy and comfortable to hold. It is also small enough to fit in your pocket which I found handy when I go out to map a course before a tournament.

My favourite feature is the slope setting which can be easily switched on and off. This means I can use it in practise rounds to get data on how much slope is affecting the yardage but then turn it off to use in tournament play. I play round a very hilly course so knowing exactly how much the slope is affecting my shots has been a massive bonus.

Golfbuddy Aim L10V review

There are three different targeting modes you can use the device in. Generally I found I used it in standard mode for the majority of the time as I found it was easy to hit the pin and the vibrate mode made it clear when you had hit your target. If you do struggle to fire at the pin scan mode is a great option where the device scans different targets until it locks onto the pin.

There is a clear graphic showing how much battery you have left so the device won’t just suddenly cut out and leave you without any yardages. The screen also tells you if the audio mode is on or not.

Golfbuddy Aim L10V review

I also found the case to be really sturdy, often clips can fail and cause the case to constantly fall off your bag. This wasn’t the case at all with this, it was really sturdy and also really easy to get the device in and out of.

It was neat, compact and looked good on my bag, I also found it was waterproof when playing in bad weather.

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review: NCG Verdict

I really enjoyed testing this device over the last few months. I actually found myself opting to use this device out on the course over my current laser. It provided precise measurements very quickly. I had never considered a laser with audio but actually found it really useful to confirm the yardages.

Undoubtedly for me the best feature is the slope function and the ability to turn this feature on and off. You can’t use a device that measures slope in a competition so for many amateurs and pros it is a waste of time purchasing a laser which calculates slope as it isn’t tournament legal.

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review

I have often wanted a slope laser but couldn’t justify buying a second laser just to use in practise rounds. The Aim L10V eradicates this problem by providing a tournament legal device which can also calculate slope.

The device was a perfect size and shaping but also the screen graphics were really clear and easy to understand making it really enjoyable to use.

For what you are getting in this device I also think the price point is excellent, a device I would definitely purchase.

Golf Buddy Aim L10V review: The details

Available: Now

SRP: £299

More information: Golf Buddy website