Go Kart trollies boast sleek, modern, award-winning British design so you are guaranteed to look the part when you step on the fairways.

The key features:

• Folds down to an ultra-compact 26x58x61cm

• Strong plastic frame is lightweight at just 8.2kg

• Optional Automatic handle sets trolley speed to perfectly match your pace (can also be fitted to older GoKarts)

• Powerful 230W motor handles the toughest golf course terrain with ease

• Full range of accessories available including golf bag, umbrella holder and seat

• Comes with two-year guarantee and 28-day money back promise

• As simple as can be – just slot in the battery and you’re away

• Available in a choice of six colours, with either 18 or 36-hole battery

• Unrivalled customer service including free courtesy cart if yours needs repairs


The lowdown: 

Standard GoKart costs just £244 with an 18-hole battery, or £284 with Automatic option.


Call 01227 712 288 or visit www.gokart.co.uk