Need something rainproof yet super lightweight? Glenmuir have your back with the Cairn waterproof gilet!

It’s the Glenmuir season finale! In this final brand review of their spring/summer apparel, Ben Outhwaite dons the Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet. Let’s go out in style, shall we?

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet review: NCG Summary

4 stars

A lightweight wonder that can be worn as an outlerlayer or underneath a thicker jacket. Not only is it rainproof, it offers windproof protection too, perfect for those dreary days in the early stages of the season.


  • Extremely comfortable material
  • Great fit and look
  • Light enough to go under a warmer jacket


  • Not the warmest vest so may need to layer underneath on very cold days

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet

Now: £80

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Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet review: First Impressions

I think Glenmuir have missed a word out of the name of this garment: ‘lightweight’. The first thing you’ll notice about the Cairn waterproof golf gilet is its weight, or lack of. It’s like picking up a feather!

This obviously evoked the impression that it would struggle to keep the cold out. Anyway, innocent until guilty and all that. Just look how well it goes with the Pitlochry golf polo shirt!

It actually looks, and feels, more like a sleeveless waterproof jacket than a gilet. I think I’m starting to take all these padded gilets coming through my door for granted, but maybe it’s just me.

The version I got to review was navy. It also comes in black and light grey – the latter being very easy on the eye indeed.

When Glenmuir say it’s waterproof, they really mean it. For the purposes of this review, I’ll paraphrase the details from the Glenmuir website:

“Achieves waterproof rating of 8,000mm and breathability of 5,000g/m2/24h”.

In layman’s terms, 8,000mm means it’s rainproof and waterproof under light pressure. As for the second number, 5,000g/m2 or less means not much perspiration can get through this material, and it’s ideal for a sport like golf.

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet review: On Course Testing

Testing day was a cold, bitter outing to my own parkland, with virtually no sun and plenty of showers. I wish it would have been the other way around, but hey-ho, it made for more informative findings for the review.

I layered the gilet over a golf polo and even at times put a thick midlayer on top, as the temperature stooped to a low of 7 degrees at times. Bitter I say, bitter!

Navy goes with anything really, and I love the white full-length zip down the centre; if the sun does come out, it’s super easy to slip off, and when, not if, it begins to rain again, it’s just as simple to get back on.

Its rainproof qualities were a savior on testing day, but its windproof properties also came in handy.

Golf actually felt easier, for a change. Remember it’s sleeveless, so you can probably start to believe me when I say my swing was the least unhampered it’s ever been.

As you would expect from Glenmuir, all the little details are done well. It’s got spacious side pockets that are discrete but perfect for fitting balls, tees and all the usual golfing bits and bobs in. The collar, as you’ll notice in the image above, is particularly wide, which helps keep the wind out.

This is a much-needed addition to my golfing wardrobe I’ve been in need of. I don’t really have something like this that can be put on so quickly but be so useful at the same time.

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet review: The 19th hole

I could see myself using the Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet off the course, particularly thrown under a coat on a very cold day. It has very subtle branding, so it doesn’t give it away as strictly a golf product, something I really value.

On really rainy days, having a hooded midlayer underneath the gilet and using it as an outerlayer might be a great idea, given it doesn’t have a hood. Plus that would remove the hassle of having to carry around a big umbrella!

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet review

Now: £80

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet…

Fit: True to Size
Comfort: 9/10
Value for Money: 8/10
Sizes: S-XXL
Colours: Navy, black and light grey

Glenmuir Zip Cairn waterproof golf gilet review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £80
More info: Glenmuir website

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Handicap: 15

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