Spoiler alert: The golfer in your life wants you to buy them balls. We've done the hard work for you

It’s the one piece of golf equipment we use for every single shot and the one piece of golf equipment that’s easiest to lose. Trust me, if you’re looking for gift ideas for golfers, then balls are always a guaranteed winner.

Here’s my rundown of all the golf balls that have launched in 2020, but it’s important to know that golfers can be quite particular about what they use. So be sure to drop it into conversation, or take a sneaky peek in their golf bag.

And, as it’s Christmas, why not throw in a bit of personalisation? Some companies do it for free and, as well as giving it that little extra touch, it makes them far easier to identify in the rough.

Here are a few links of the best-selling golf balls on the market to help you on your way…

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