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Golf Trust hope to coach 20,000 kids in six months next year

The Golf Trust is aiming to coach more than 20,000 school children during the first half of 2016.
Since February the non-profit charitable organisation has given beginner golf lessons to around 5,000 girls aged from nine to 11 in north and west London as part of its inaugural Golf’s Got Talent initiative.

The trust recently obtained funding to provide long-term sustainable coaching programmes for schools and has already set itself an ambitious target for the follow-up next year.

“It has been a fabulous experience, seeing so many youngsters take their first steps into golf over such a short period of time” said Cae Menai-Davis, a golf pro based at The Shire, in north London.

“We’ll be looking to coach over 20,000 children in schools during the first half of 2016, and next year we will be inviting boys aged nine to 11 too.

“The schools we’ve coached at so far have all been invited to sign up for six-week in-school golf coaching courses, and many have started with us since the summer term started.

“We will be running these courses throughout 2015, so the majority of those 5,000 girls we initially coached will be given the chance to progress further in the sport this year – which we think is absolutely vital if golf is to grow.”

Hannah Burke, a Golf Trust ambassador and Ladies European Tour player, said: “The Golf Trust is doing a fantastic job in encouraging young girls to try golf. What they have achieved so far as regards numbers is truly amazing.”

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