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Paul Casey has returned from injury with a set of new Nike gear…

After a lengthy break nursing a shoulder injury sustained skiing in Colorado, Paul Casey is back on the scene – and he has some new equipment for 2012.

The Englishman has switched to Nike’s VR_S driver and VR Pro Ltd Edition woods, and has a fresh set of irons. He told’s David Dusek that he has crafted a unique combination set featuring Nike VR Pro blades 7-PW, and VR Pro split cavities from 3-6.

“You get the feel of the blade in the longer irons, but more forgiveness,” he said.

The World No 31 has also changed his wood shafts for the new season. He’s gone from a Mitsubishi Diamana Whiteboard (83g, extra stiff) in his driver to a Mitsubishi Fubuki K (70g, extra stiff), and to the 80-gramme version of the shaft in his fairway woods.

Before the switch, Casey was using 103-gramme Diamana Blueboard shafts in his 3 and 5-wood. He said he moved to the lighter shafts because he’s ‘getting old’ and that the reduced weight gives him more ball speed. 

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