The 9-time Major Champion on how you can get extra club head speed...

Gary Player is a nine-time Major Champion and is regarded as one of the best golfers in the sports history. Over his career he has accumulated a total of nine major championships on the regular tour and 6 Champions tour victories, alongside three Senior British Open Championship victories on the European Senior Tour.

Player is also known for his golf course architectural work, designing more than 325 different projects across five continents. He has also authored or co written 36 golfing books.

He currently runs organisation ‘The Player Foundation’ with the primary objective of giving sporting opportunities to under privileged children around the world. The organisation began in Johannesburg, South Africa, before spreading worldwide. They have raised over $60 million, and have ran events in major cities such as London, Palm Beach, Shanghai and Cape Town.

Here, he talks about the importance of rotating the body through the swing.

“The worst fault in golf, which I would say thirty per cent of weekend golfers do, is hanging back after playing a shot, or they give the phoney swing.” (following through long after the ball has gone)

“I do four times a week 1300 sit ups and, without boasting, at 80 this (stomach) is like a plank. If you rotate, your hands have to follow because this is so strong (core) they have no option than to automatically follow with speed.

“The faster you can rotate, the more clubhead speed you will get.”

Gary Player was appearing at the Mercedes-Benz patrons’ day at Royal Troon. Mercedes-Benz is an official patron of The Open Championship.