In our quest to learn how to improve shot selection, The Golf Shack Academy on tour found our way to Archerfield Links, East Lothian, Scotland.

Whilst there, we caught up with Gary Nicol, European Tour coach at TPEGS coaching, also based at Archerfield.

A major part of links golf is controlling the ball in the wind, especially around the greens. Gary talks us through how to best play the chip and run shot.

With any shot we are playing round about the green what I always like to do first is figure out what the ball needs to do to get to the hole.

Where we are here we have a little bit of elevation change, the green is slightly above me so what I’m going to try and do here, just to make sure the ball is going to run out a little bit, is I’m going to feel like I’m almost going to play a little draw shot

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